The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) welcomes the chance to respond to the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee's 'Securing the Domestic Supply Chain' inquiry.

The NIA is the trade association and representative body for the civil nuclear industry in the UK. We represent around 270 companies operating across all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Due to the diversity of our membership, our views in this submission will cover high-level, industry-wide matters. Our members may choose to make their own detailed submissions.

Executive Summary

  • Nuclear is essential to the UK’s future energy technology mix as it is the only single technology that can provide clean, firm, and sovereign electricity. Analysis conducted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe confirms that nuclear has the lowest lifecycle CO2 emissions, the lowest land footprint, and the lowest impact on ecosystem of any electricity source.
  • The UK needs sovereign capability to deliver clean, secure energy security into the future, particularly as the established international supply chain is becoming increasingly saturated as plans for new energy infrastructure and nuclear power stations accelerate internationally. Building up and keeping the existing UK nuclear supply chain active also enables timely delivery of projects and is the best way to control costs.
  • As a key enabler to energy security and economic value, the Government should put in place policies and measures that maximise the use of the domestic supply chain for new nuclear projects in the UK.

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