The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is the trade association for the civil nuclear industry in the UK. It represents more than 250 companies across the UK’s nuclear supply chain. The diversity of NIA membership enables effective and constructive industry-wide interaction. NIA member companies have significant expertise in nuclear decommissioning and clean-up, with 17 nuclear sites in the UK currently being managed through the process. 

We believe nuclear energy is essential to meet the UK’s clean energy needs. Together with renewables and energy efficiency, nuclear can reduce carbon emissions. As part of a diversified energy mix, nuclear-generated energy provides safe and reliable electricity for UK homes, hospitals, schools and industries.


Ansaldo Nuclear Prioritises Workforce Safety with Weekly Covid-19 Tests

22 January 2021

Ansaldo Nuclear’s Wolverhampton-based headquarters is set to become one of the first UK companies to provide weekly Covid-19 Lateral Flow tests to all staff not able to work from home, following a successful pilot last week (14th January).

WYG Becomes Tetra Tech

22 January 2021

Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® on UK nuclear programmes with innovative engineering, environment, planning, and management solutions that build on more than 20 years’ experience.

Listen to n2n – core skills session – Negotiation, Buying and Selling

21 January 2021

Listen to the second episode in the second series of core skills bite-sized webinars designed to provide attendees with vital insights and techniques in a time-efficient manner.

£12M UK-Japan robotics deal for fusion energy and nuclear decommissioning research

20 January 2021

UK-Japan relationship in nuclear science boosted by robotics and automation


Cross Industry learning at a Tier 1 level

26 January 2021

NIA will host a webinar where Tier 1 companies will discuss cross industry learning across a number of sectors.

N2N Core skills session - Presenting Virtually

28 January 2021

Our short, bite-sized sessions are designed to provide you with vital insights and techniques in a time-efficient manner.

NCA Explainer Webinar hosted by NIA & BEIS

01 February 2021

This webinar will discuss the UK’s recent success in securing a standalone Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (NCA) for future civil nuclear cooperation between the UK and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), separate from the wider Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Sustainable Nuclear Financing

02 February 2021

Should nuclear projects be eligible for sustainable finance? This webinar will take a look at the various mechanisms being developed by the EU, other governments, and the finance community. Plus, the efforts being made to ensure that nuclear is included.