The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is the trade association for the civil nuclear industry in the UK. It represents more than 250 companies across the UK’s nuclear supply chain. The diversity of NIA membership enables effective and constructive industry-wide interaction. NIA member companies have significant expertise in nuclear decommissioning and clean-up, with 17 nuclear sites in the UK currently being managed through the process. 

We believe nuclear energy is essential to meet the UK’s clean energy needs. Together with renewables and energy efficiency, nuclear can reduce carbon emissions. As part of a diversified energy mix, nuclear-generated energy provides safe and reliable electricity for UK homes, hospitals, schools and industries.


Open call for academic and industry proposals to use BEIS pilot facility at NNL’s Preston Laboratory

20 September 2021

Game Changers are inviting proposals from academic institutions and industry for access to NNL facilities, to undertake research and development projects focussing on advanced nuclear technology.

New nuclear only long-term solution for UK energy stability

19 September 2021

New nuclear is the only reliable, low-carbon and British form of power generation that can stabilise the UK’s energy system over the long-term.

Direct Rail Services award success

17 September 2021

Direct Rail Services employee wins the Young Rail Professional honour at glittering awards ceremony.

NUKEM Technologies is pleased to announce the opening of a new UK office

15 September 2021

After several years of being away from the UK, NUKEM Technologies has re-entered the UK Nuclear market, with the opening of their new office in Warrington.


Birchwood Engineering & Technology Solutions Exhibition

22 September 2021

For the 26th year, Birchwood Park welcomes back the Nu-Tech ‘Engineering & Technology Solutions Exhibition’ as it returns to its regular venue on Weds, 22nd September 2021 (Birchwood Nuclear Exhibition 2021)

Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

NIA Decommissioning and Existing Generation Group (members only)

23 September 2021

NIA will be holding their Decommissioning and Existing Generation group in Warrington on Thursday 23 September.

1st STEP Partnering Forum

28 September 2021

The STEP programme is evolving and progressing at a fast pace. UKAEA need to work with a range of suppliers who will become our industrial partners and support us in achieving our objectives.

N2N - Tea break Talk with Nigel Houlton, Magnox Ltd

05 October 2021

Our Tea Break Talk sessions are designed to provide people ‘new 2 nuclear’ with information on the nuclear industry.