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Scotland's most valuable clean energy asset retires

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Net Zero Needs Nuclear

Nuclear is our only source of clean energy available 24/7. We can’t reach our climate goals without it.

Most reliable

Nuclear has saved the UK more carbon emissions than any other power source – 2.3 billion tonnes

Nuclear is 24/7 >
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Most powerful

One nuclear fuel pellet the size of a thumbnail can power an electric car for 20,000 miles

Nuclear is efficient >
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Most sustainable

Nuclear power produces less CO2 emissions over its lifecycle than any other electricity source

Nuclear is low carbon >
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Press Release / 14th January 2022


News / 14th January 2022

Addleshaw Goddard continues recruitment drive with hire of leading energy partner

News / 7th January 2022

Cyclife expands its engineering capabilities in UK with the acquisition of Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd

Press Release / 7th January 2022

Scotland’s most valuable clean energy asset retires

Press Release / 23rd December 2021

Scotland uses most nuclear of UK nations

News / 17th December 2021

World-leading experts join UKAEA fusion energy mission

News / 15th December 2021

Funding grants announced for three ANSIC challenges to explore advanced nuclear technologies

News / 14th December 2021

Energy Minister Champions UK Opportunity in Advanced Nuclear Fuels Manufacture

News / 14th December 2021

Nuclear Bursary Open for Applications

News / 14th December 2021

FORATOM highlights importance of maintaining existing nuclear fleet

News / 14th December 2021

Centrus Energy and Clean Core Thorium Energy Advance Work to Develop Next-Generation Fuel for Existing and New Reactors

Press Release / 14th December 2021

Balancing the UK electricity grid costs households almost £20

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