This Delivering Value report presents, for the first time since 2017, a comprehensive study of the contribution the UK civil industry makes to our economy, thanks to independent analysis undertaken by Oxford Economics.

For 65 years, nuclear power has been an integral part of the UK’s electricity system, providing low carbon and reliable power to UK homes, public services and businesses.

In 2021 the UK’s civil nuclear sector generated £6.1 billion in GDP for the UK economy—around twice as much as the air transport industry. When the indirect impact of the sector’s activity is considered, this figure more than doubles to £16.1 billion. The civil nuclear sector is a vital job creator: more than 64,000 people are directly employed and 211,000 jobs are reliant in some way on its activities. These figures alone show the vital economic contribution of the sector which reaches all parts of the country and the highly skilled advanced engineering which underpins the industry.

Nuclear remains a vital part of the electricity mix, but there is work to be done. The vision of Great British Nuclear, set out in the Government’s Energy Security Strategy, could signal the start of a new atomic age for Britain and ensure we keep pace with other leading nuclear nations, but we need to act urgently so we can seize this generational opportunity to drive innovation, boost productivity, and cut costs.

This report demonstrates the importance of the UK’s civil nuclear sector and through continued investment in people, plant and products it will be well placed to continue to develop its supply chains and opportunities for the long term.