Why Nuclear?

We need nuclear for a greener future. Here's why.

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Nuclear is the UK’s only proven source of clean energy that is available 24/7, powering 12 million homes, whatever the weather.

It has kept Britain’s lights on for generations, producing more clean power and saving more emissions than any other energy source and sustaining over 60,000 green jobs today.

The facts are clear. Net zero needs nuclear.

Nuclear is...

Nuclear has the lowest lifecycle carbon footprint of any energy source – alongside wind – making it the most sustainable. And lifecycle means lifecycle, from mining and construction to operation and decommissioning.

Our fuel is the most efficient on the planet. One pellet the size of your thumbnail can power an electric car for 20,000 miles. The whole fleet powers 12 million homes from less than 1 square mile.

Nuclear has saved the UK more CO2 emissions than any other energy source, 2.3 billion tonnes.

Don’t just take our word for it, the IPCC, Climate Change Committee, IEA, UNECE, OECD, National Grid (and many more) all agree that net zero needs nuclear.

What has nuclear done for the UK?

The power stations in the current nuclear fleet are the most productive green, low-carbon assets in British history, producing enough clean electricity to power every home in the UK for 18.5 years, saving 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We need nuclear for…

Energy security
Britain needs home-grown power to reduce dependence on foreign imports and to keep the lights on.

Economic growth
Investment in new nuclear projects is a major engine for economic prosperity.

Green jobs
No industry generates higher quality, more skilled and more secure jobs than the nuclear industry.

The challenge

There is an urgent need to invest in low-carbon infrastructure in the UK to meet legally binding carbon emission reduction targets, but also to replace old fossil fuel plants which are closing.

New nuclear will provide consumers with a reliable source of baseload energy to complement the power generated from renewable sources.

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