Sellafield Ltd are holding a market engagement event on Monday 17 July!

Aims of the event:

  • Provide further information and update to potential bidding entities on the scope and strategy associated with this opportunity.
  • Opportunity to ask questions to Sellafield Ltd representatives on the proposed arrangements, discuss the scope further, and provide suppliers with information on Sellafield Ltd plans.
  • Encourage market interest in the opportunity.
  • Opportunity for potential providers to network with each other

Presenters will include representatives from the Remediation, Retrievals & Waste programmes, as well as the Supply Chain Directorate.

The event is open to both large and small organisations with current, or planned future capability to deliver the DNWP scope, either as a single organisation or as part of a consortia / sub-contractor.

Following the event all material from the event and a recording of the event will be made available via the Sellafield Ltd Atamis Portal.

To register to attend this event, please visit our Eventbrite Page . Please note registration is limited to 2 individuals from each organisation.

Agenda to follow.