Scotland is missing out on billions of pounds worth of investment in its green economy by not investing in new nuclear projects according to Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) analysis of new figures highlighting the economic impact of the UK’s next new nuclear power station.

A report released today into the socio-economic benefits of Hinkley Point C, under construction in the South West of England, highlights the scale of the benefits of backing nuclear projects, with £5.3 billion spent with businesses in the local South West region to date and 8,000 people trained in its Centres of Excellence. The station, alongside its sister station, Sizewell C, in the East of England will each sustain 900 permanent jobs for well over 60 years.

Nuclear projects like Hinkley have a hugely positive impact on the next generation of net zero workers too with 1,320 apprentices trained so far on the project with opportunities for young people to stay, work and build lives in the region, particularly in areas that need it most where there is low social mobility.

Scotland has benefited from nuclear power for 65 years in places like Chapelcross, Hunterston and Torness, but risks losing critical skills, future jobs and significant investment if new stations aren’t built, including small modular reactors. Unlike the UK and Welsh Governments, the Scottish Government remains opposed to new nuclear power, even though Torness and Hunterston could both host substantial new nuclear projects bringing major investment to East Lothian and North Ayrshire.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“Scotland was never going to meet its emissions targets without nuclear. The progress it has made with renewables has been eaten up replacing retiring nuclear capacity instead of investing in a mix of clean energy sources like France, Sweden and Finland are doing with significant reductions in grid emissions.

“Scotland is also missing out on good jobs and billions of pounds of extra investment, because the Scottish Government has set its face against the facts and the science.

“For 65 years the people of Scotland have benefited from a world-class nuclear sector with whole communities built around nuclear stations and there is no reason why it can’t once again see huge economic benefits like is being felt in other parts of the UK.”



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