Kevin Humphreys co-founder of the Nuclear Rainbow Forum is calling on the industry for volunteers to step forward and dedicate some time to supporting and promoting our fabulous LGBTQIA+ community across the industry.

They are seeking people to step forward to take the Forum to it’s next exciting stage of growth and renewal.

Maybe you are sat there thinking, “I am not sure, will I have the time?” or maybe “Am I really the person to do this?” – well, if you are thinking that then you definitely are the right person.

Below is a link to an expression of interest form … why not give it a click and take a look .. looking costs nothing!  If it’s not for you then please consider sharing it with your networks … the door to the Rainbow Forum is open to everyone 😊

 Nuclear Rainbow Forum Committee Expression of Interest Form

Three short years ago Nicola Summers and Kevin Humphreys first discussed the idea of creating a family of LGBTQIA+ connections from across the Nuclear sector, of somehow bringing our LGBTQIA+ family together to share experiences and knowledge.  In such a short time and from such a tiny acorn of an idea, the forum has made giant strides!

Rainbow Forum Terms of Reference – Issue 1