Increasing polarisation and a general shift towards digital media consumption means the influence of online political influencers has never been greater.

The rise of negative discourse brings with it a heightened risk for brands operating in an increasingly polarised world. With aggrieved consumers bolstered by social media and able to communicate directly with the source of their anger, brands are under fire as much as politicians. So, online commentators are able to drive the political debate and having a tangible impact on policy and business decisions.

Online commentators are more influential than ever before. They shape the debate, drive real-world sentiment, and pose a genuine risk to brands. But what’s next in the world of influence, and how can brands navigate this changing landscape?

Digital reputation experts from Cavendish Consulting will be joined by real-life political influencers to talk about the state of influence, how brands can deal with the challenges, and what the future of influence has in store for business, politicians, and influencers alike.

If you’re interested in digital influence, politics, or corporate reputation – this event is a must-attend.