Siteflow, will be employed by VNS to oversee the testing and operation planning for its second, “new generation” robotic arm, which will be used to retrieve physical samples of the fuel debris.

Simon Delavalle of VNS comments:

Siteflow, with its user-friendly interface, speed, and reliability, stands out as a valuable tool. It will guide our engineering teams and operators in developing and operating highly complex equipment at sites like Fukushima, Japan. 

Siteflow’s SaaS solution drives digitalisation and automation of nuclear workflow operations. Siteflow enables field operators to follow step by step instructions using mobile devices (offline and online) with real time tracking by engineers.

This not only eliminates paper, reduces manual data entry but ensures compliance, captures knowledge for process improvement and delivers productivity.

Siteflow digitalisation is in use for maintenance, field service management, waste management, new build, manufacturing and decommissioning operations by Nuclear Supply Chain organisations such as Framatome, Orano, Nuvia and Westinghouse.

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