Magnox Ltd has changed its brand and from 31st October 2023 will be known as Nuclear Restoration Services (NRS).

Chief Executive Officer, Rob Fletcher said: “This is more than a change of sign – it is a demonstration of the organisation we want to be – delivery focused, transformative, innovative and growing.”

A world leader in its field, NRS is responsible for safely decommissioning the first generation nuclear and research sites across the UK and restoring the sites for all our futures. Our new brand strategy represents the joining together of the twelve Magnox sites and Dounreay in Scotland. It also prepares us to welcome the seven advanced gas-cooled reactor sites (AGRs), currently managed by EDF, for decommissioning, as well as other future missions.

The change in name helps focus on the future by investing in our workforce, assets, communities, sites, and surrounding landscapes to ensure we leave a sustainable nuclear legacy. While our brand may be changing our focus on safely decommissioning our nuclear sites remains the same.

David Peattie, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s CEO, commented “Dounreay and Magnox are organisations with a proud history of energy generation, pioneering research and first-of a-kind decommissioning innovation.

“Bringing them together is significant in creating a simpler and stronger NDA group, working together to achieve our collective mission of safe and secure nuclear decommissioning – delivering value for the taxpayer.

“As one organisation Nuclear Restoration Services can harness its collective skills, capability and resources to continue to successfully deliver our important work, while also enabling us to grow as we are trusted to more.”