Join us for the first Fusion Business Group Meeting of the 2023!

On Tuesday 25 April, we will be holding our Fusion Business Group Meeting.

We are being kindly hosted by our friends at Dassault Systemes UK Limited, Milburn Hill Rd, Riley Court, West Midlands, CV4 7HP, Coventry and will be holding a pay-your-own-way dinner the night before (registrations for this are now closed).

Dassault Systemes will be showcasing two projects during registration and lunch; The Living Heart Experience and the Additive Manufacturing Simulation Experience. See details below!

The Living Heart Project is uniting leading cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device developers, regulatory agencies, and practicing cardiologists on a shared mission to develop and validate highly accurate personalized digital human heart models.

The Additive Manufacturing Simulation demonstrates a framework that allows users to specify machine-dependent information (such as tool path, build environment, power input) as inputs in space and time, include support structures from their builds, analyse material behaviour—while it computes the solution locally (micro-level) and globally (part-level).

There is ample free parking on site. Once access has been gained via the buzzer on the barrier, you may park in any vacant spot.