Nuclear Materials: Avoiding Structural Integrity Failures

03 October 2018

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Manchester United Football Ground, Manchester

Organisers: Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Tel: +44 (0)20 7973 1251

With ageing nuclear power plants and demand for life extension, it is essential to address the safety, reliability and durability of materials used in nuclear plants. Understanding materials properties and behaviour is key to reducing risk of structural failures and lower inspections and maintenance costs

This seminar will discuss the key in-operation materials challenges, including irradiation, carburisation, testing, regulatory expectations and future issues. Gain insights into the best ways to assess, investigate and manage problems from companies including EDF Energy, Rolls-Royce Submarines, NNL, ONR and University of Manchester.

Attend to gain a better understanding of how materials behave in a nuclear power context and how these can inform future projects, including small modular reactors, fusion and decommissioning.

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