Hitachi ABWR Seminar

22 March — 23 March 2017

Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

CB2 1PZ Cambridge
United Kingdom

Boiling water reactor technology is new to the UK – this seminar is an opportunity to learn about it

The ABWR design is currently under review by the Office of Nuclear Regulation and Horizon Nuclear Power is planning to build the first UK ABWR at Wylfa site in Anglesey. ABWR is an advanced Generation III+ reactor already built, with four units in Japan having excellent operating record.

This two-day seminar is a unique opportunity to gain understanding of ABWR technology and safety features, meet key people in the Hitachi-GE team and network with other key players in the UK nuclear industry.

Some of the topics to be coveredatthe seminar are:

  • Status of Wylfa project
  • Design and Operation of ABWR
  • Thermal-hydraulics of ABWR
  • Pu Utilization in BWRs
  • PRA and Severe Accidents
  • Lessons learned from Fukushima

Delegates can book bed and breakfast accommodation in single ensuite rooms at Jesus College, Cambridge, for any or all of the nights of Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd March 2017, at a cost of£68 (including VAT) per night.

Bookings can be made (using the Promotion Code: ABWR2017) online at: