During World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris 28 – 30 November, the Equans UK Nuclear Leadership team of Ian Marlow, Emma Goldring, Billy Hay, Christian Duff, Finn Fordham, and Tony Cole met with around 60 fellow nuclear leaders across our European Operations.

At this event, CEO Jerome Stubler presented the Brand Launce of the dedicated Equans Nuclear Global Capability.

At a time when the need for electricity is growing as much as the desire to move away from fossil fuels, when sovereignty and industrialisation are increasingly sought, when quality, security and safety are more than ever fundamental, national nuclear operators ask for top-flight and certified experts they can rely on from A to Z , from design to maintenance and at global scale.

For half a century now, Equans Nuclear have been specialists in highly technical services for the nuclear sector, through local entities Axima Nucléaire, Ineo Nucléaire, Ecia, Mecanuc in France, Efab, Transnubel, ECS in Belgium and Equans UK. We master a diversity of expertise, and with local precision, we are present throughout the entire value chain of operations and project delivery: Electrical – HVAC and Fluids – Mechanical – Engineering and Consultancy – Multi-technical maintenance – Nuclear logistic & nuclear transportation cask fabrication.

All services and solutions are expertly delivered, with strong commitment to safety and quality, in an industry that always requires getting it right first time. We structure our activities around vertical hyper-specialised nuclear entities to support the daily performance of your nuclear sites and we combine our European expertise mobilising experienced project management teams for your large international projects. Because we believe proximity and partnership make the difference for the future of the global nuclear sector, we created Equans Nuclear.