With tailor-made training and learning programs, Language Solutions for Professionals offers to create specific training for its users with the aim of equipping them with linguistic tools essential for professional situations in nuclear engineering.

Language Solutions for Professionals offers mixed face-to-face and remote training for its users to learn more technical language in nuclear engineering. The mixed training options makes it possible to considerably extend learning time, to adapt to all levels, to broaden the range of media used, to respond to all working methods and to increase opportunities to communicate in English.

The method has fun, targeted and varied educational materials. It combines classes, in the classroom or via video, focused on communication and scenarios and an online program to deepen theoretical knowledge.

CEO and Founder, Angela Stephan, say of the course:

 As a pedagogical engineer, my experience spans over 15 years in the education field. Starting out as a dedicated teacher in professional training organizations, the journey has been shaped by a genuine passion for making learning meaningful. Teaching, for me, goes beyond just being a job; it’s about connecting with people and facilitating understanding. The focus has always been on practical, effective knowledge transfer, leading to the development of skills that extend beyond the traditional teaching approach. Known for crafting creative and engaging teaching methods, the impact on professional training is tangible. Through dedication, adaptability, and a true love for teaching, my mission remains clear – to make education more accessible and enjoyable.


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