Cyclife UK is to support the GBP 4.2m optioneering and decommissioning plan development for the Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Plant (FRFRP), inclusive of the Residue Recovery Plant and Evaporator Facility, at the Dounreay site.

As a strategic partner within the Jacobs-led DWA consortium, Cyclife will develop and integrate the underpinning waste management and characterisation plans as the project progresses through Optioneering, Concept and Scheme Design phases. Cyclife will also provide risk management services.

Located within Dounreay’s Fuel Cycle Area, the FRFRP was constructed in 1957 for the purpose of reprocessing fuel from the Dounreay Fast Reactor and latterly the Prototype Fast Reactor. The various active cells within the complex present notable challenges for consideration when determining the appropriate waste-led approaches to decommissioning.

David Howorth, Chief Sales Officer of Cyclife UK, said:

“We are pleased to be part of the winning consortium for this key Dounreay opportunity, which further evidences the growing capability that Cyclife UK has within the decommissioning sector, alongside our well-established waste management expertise.”

Since its acquisition in 2016, Cyclife UK has developed innovative, cost-effective solutions for waste management and decommissioning. Leading the growing need to reduce volume, recycle waste and preserve disposal capacity and, using the wider EDF Group skills and assets, Cyclife UK can offer efficient decommissioning and waste management solutions that follow a waste-led decommissioning approach.