ATS Industrial Automation expands its nuclear decommissioning offering to include material characterization.

ATS Industrial Automation announced a collaboration agreement to provide its expertise in tooling delivery to automate the deployment of Viridian Consulting’s ViridiScope® system for high radiation areas. The agreement also opens up access to the ViridiScope® laser sampling tool for nuclear power customers in North America. The agreement expands the ATS Industrial Automation nuclear decommissioning offering to include material characterization, a critical step in the nuclear decontamination and decommissioning process. Customers can now safely understand the nature of reactor contamination and create an optimized plan to dismantle and store nuclear waste safely.

Narinder Bains, VP Nuclear Sales at ATS Industrial Automation, said:

“We are excited to offer remote automation systems for every stage of the nuclear decommissioning process from site radiological characterization, component segmentation, volume reduction, decontamination and waste handling. Using advanced technology, we are able to help customers better assess risks, estimate dismantling costs and timelines, and improve overall safety.”

Viridian Consultants, based in England and Wales, developed the tool for the sampling and fast characterization of radiological, chemical, and asbestos materials. The tool replaces conventional drilling and can be operated manually or remotely to access tight spaces, voids, or pipes, safely removing and analyzing surface material, reducing operator exposure.

Kym Jarvis, Managing Director, Viridian Consultants, said:

“The ViridiScope automated remote sampling tool is successfully used across several decommissioning projects in Europe. We are excited to partner with the ATS Industrial Automation team to develop the remote delivery and automation of ViridiScope® and bring this technology to North America.”

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