Join Createc for this exclusive webinar on the latest innovations in autonomous solutions for radiation mapping in nuclear environments.

Our expert panel of speakers from Createc and Leica Geosystems will discuss real-world case studies, technical challenges and solutions, and potential future developments when it comes to unleashing autonomy in nuclear.

Why should you attend?

As you know, radiation mapping is crucial in ensuring the safety and efficiency of nuclear facilities. However, traditional methods can be time-consuming and pose risks to human workers. That’s where autonomous solutions come in, offering improved accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

  • Learn about cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of radiation mapping in nuclear environments.
  • Gain insights from industry experts on the benefits and challenges of autonomous solutions for radiation mapping.
  • Discover how advanced techniques are improving accuracy, efficiency, and safety in nuclear facilities.

Learn more about the possibilities of Autonomy in Nuclear from this project where Createc, a leader in nuclear innovation, partners with Leica Geosystems and Magnox to dismantle a nuclear reactor using robotics.

About Createc

At Createc, we are passionate about transforming the landscape of the nuclear industry, from new build projects to decommissioning endeavours. As a UK-based robotics, sensing and radiation detection consultancy, we have been at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge technology solutions to address the unique challenges faced by nuclear plants.

Our Energy MD, Will Newsom, will shed light on the groundbreaking applications of new technologies within the nuclear industry. From the stories of technology deployments in extreme environments like Fukushima and Sellafield, to invaluable insights that can be shared across various sectors.


  • Introduction: Why Autonomy Matters in the Nuclear Industry.
  • Technical Challenges and Solutions: Innovations in Autonomous Radiation Mapping.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Success Stories and Lessons Learned.
  • Future Developments and Opportunities: A Look Ahead.

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