Join the nuclear and space industries as we delve into the shared skills and capabilities that are vital to both sectors.

Nuclear and Space have always been intrinsically linked by their shared engineering and technical complexities. The skills and equipment we invent or re-purpose for challenging environments in nuclear, have just as much use in the space sector. Is there a more challenging environment than hard vacuum? Both industries deal with extreme heat management, radiation; require advanced materials, remote handling, and artificial intelligence for maintenance.

Congregate with colleagues from across the nuclear and space sectors as we dive into the common ground in both industries. Join NIA, Nuclear AMRC, and the UK Space Agency at this exciting new event!

Call for Speakers

Do you have a topic proposal you would like to present about? Does your company work in a field that has applications in both the Space and Nuclear industries? Drop Ella a line with your proposal at [email protected] 

Registration details and agenda to follow.