UK Atomics is pleased to announce the submission of its revolutionary reactor design for approval in the United Kingdom. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionize the way energy is produced, offering a cleaner and more efficient alternative to today's energy technologies.

The reactor design utilizes innovative technologies to generate energy through a thorium molten salt reactor, enabling clean, reliable and cheap energy for the world. This technology has the added benefit of producing no greenhouse gas emissions and it does consume long-term nuclear waste from the classic nuclear industry to produce energy.

UK Atomics has already constructed a prototype reactor that will be tested at our new facility to support the goal-oriented approval process. The first commercial reactor is scheduled for 2028.

Thomas Steenberg, CEO said:

“We are thrilled to be taking this important step towards bringing our groundbreaking technology to market. We believe this reactor has the potential to greatly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and make a significant impact on the green transition, and for the UK to provide jobs and prosperity.”

The submission of the design marks the beginning of a rigorous review process by the UK government. Once approved, UK Atomics’s reactor becomes a vital part of the UK’s energy security strategy while helping to meet increasing demand for clean and reliable electricity.

UK Atomics is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of its technology and will continue to work closely with regulators throughout the approval process.

For more information about UK Atomics and its revolutionary reactor design, please visit UK Atomics is a subsidiary of Copenhagen Atomics.


About Copenhagen Atomics
Copenhagen Atomics is a technology company developing thorium molten salt reactors. The company plans to mass manufacture modular reactors in a factory, similar to how cars and airplanes are made. Copenhagen Atomics offers a major innovation to nuclear energy by fueling its reactor with thorium and spent nuclear fuel. This invention represents a radical improvement over previous generations of uranium-based nuclear power plants and could spark a growth adventure.

This technology is sustainable also due to the fact that it can utilize waste from traditional nuclear power plants. At the same time, the amount of final waste will only be a fraction of that of conventional reactors and its storage time will be reduced from 100,000 years to 300 years.

The reactors will be deployed by UK Atomics, who will build, own and operate a fleet of autonomous reactors, eventually numbering in thousands. This business model, selling energy-as-a-service, will enable a cost-effective and low-risk deployment.

The low OPEX cost and no CAPEX to the customer, our projections suggest an electricity price point below £40 per MWh. This price is very competitive and will create a new affordable energy source that can drive the energy transition for the world.

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