The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory is seeking expressions of interest from organisations from all sectors of the supply chain such as, but not limited to: engineering design, manufacture, operations, fuel production, academia and HTGR heat end users.

They are seeking interest from organisations with relevant skills and capabilities who have an interest in engaging with NNL on activities potentially leading towards HTGR demonstration in the UK.

The rapidly worsening climate emergency has further focused attention on the potential of nuclear energy to deliver macro solutions to climate change through decarbonisation of transport, heat and industry. As a result, this hugely dense energy source is receiving unprecedented interest across the world. High Temperature Gas Reactors (HTGR’s) could operate at over 800°C producing huge amounts of high grade heat. This will unlock cost efficient scale production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels for heat and transport, providing a route to decarbonising today’s industry and meeting future energy demand

UK government has recognised this potential and committed up to £170m to deliver a research and development programme to build an HTGR demonstrator by the early 2030’s and put the UK at the cutting edge against international competitors.

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has delivered pioneering work to understand how nuclear energy can decarbonise sectors such as transport, heat and industry. We are now committed to delivering a UK sector wide proposition to demonstrate that HTGR technology can deliver economically viable solutions at scale to the decarbonisation needs of this sectors in the critically short timescales left to achieve
net zero emissions.

We are seeking expressions of interest from UK organisations from industry and academia to join us in delivering future activities to progress a sector proposition to deliver a successful HTGR demonstration programme.

To submit your interest please click on this link and complete a short questionnaire.