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Press Release / 18th September 2023

NIA welcomes start of ‘vital’ Sizewell C private capital raise

Press Release / 12th September 2023

Nuclear sector could bring tens of thousands of jobs to Wales if projects happen

Press Release / 12th September 2023

Record growth in nuclear workforce from new build projects

Press Release / 12th September 2023

Huge jump in South West nuclear workforce shows value of Hinkley Point C

Press Release / 12th September 2023

North West nuclear jobs growth confirms region’s nuclear heartland status

Press Release / 12th September 2023

Scotland nuclear jobs flatline while England surges ahead

Press Release / 7th September 2023

NIA welcomes UK association with Horizon Europe and domestic fusion energy strategy  

Press Release / 29th August 2023

NIA welcomes £341m funding for Sizewell C nuclear power plant

Press Release / 23rd August 2023

NIA reacts to the UK backing nuclear fuel for Ukraine

Press Release / 1st August 2023

NIA reacts to Nuclear Skills Taskforce launch

Press Release / 31st July 2023

NIA reacts to Science Committee report on delivering nuclear power

Press Release / 24th July 2023

£170m for Sizewell C an ‘important step’ for energy security

Press Release / 18th July 2023

NIA welcomes Great British Nuclear launch

Press Release / 29th June 2023

NIA Welcomes Geological Disposal Facility Report

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