Castletown Law has been appointed as adviser on nuclear law and legislation to the Estonian government. The work will involve a comparative analysis of modern nuclear legislation and
regulation in other jurisdictions which are in advanced stages of developing new regulatory structures for more efficient and effective delivery of advanced nuclear technology power systems. The initial first stage report which has now been submitted to the government in Estonia includes a review of existing laws, a comparative analysis to establish changes required across the relevant Estonian Legislation and consultation with multiple stakeholders to establish the consensus view of the approach to provision of the new legislative structure.

Following the submission of Castletown Law’s interim report prepared together with the local law firm Triniti and management consultancy Civitta, Castletown Law will begin working on the final report to the Estonian government and the draft legislative and regulatory structure to enable the safe and secure deployment, development and operation of advanced nuclear power technology in Estonia.

The detailed analysis by Castletown Law includes analysis and recommendations on international best practice utilising its experience in other jurisdictions and its knowledge of compliance with the IAEA required approach, to the development of a regulated structure for a nuclear power nuclear programme.

Andrew Renton, Principal at Castletown Law said   “Using our highly experienced lawyers, who have worked in the international nuclear sector for many years, we bring an understanding and belief in the future of low carbon energy production using advanced nuclear technologies. Taking a pragmatic approach to the application of international standards as now applied in many jurisdictions, it is apparent that adoption of best practice, will put Estonia in a leading position to expedite development and deployment of these exciting technologies.”

Simon Stuttaford, Principal at Castletown Law, said “this is a fantastic opportunity to help to shape the regulatory structure and laws that Estonia will need if and when it makes the decision to go ahead and develop its civilian nuclear energy programme”.

Castletown Law has a team of nuclear experts who have many years of experience in their specialisms both individually and collectively, having worked on nuclear projects across many international jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Last week Fermi Energia announced appointing and selecting GE BWR 300 technology as the preferred technology for new nuclear power station developments in Estonia. Moving at pace and with purpose Estonia could overtake other European countries in establishing a delivery of electrical power from advanced nuclear technologies. Castletown Law are proud to be leading the legislative drafting aspects of this exciting approach.