Join us in Carlisle for the first Decommissioning Group Meeting of 2024!

Join us on Thursday 29 February at The Halston, Carlisle for the Decommissioning & Waste Management group as we explore the theme of ‘Programmisation’. This theme will offer an opportunity to explore questions such as:

    • How do you do it?
    • Where has it been done well before?
    • What are the benefits of doing it well?

Thank you to PA Consulting for sponsoring the event!


The Nuclear Institute Cumbria branch will be holding their 19th Annual Dinner the evening of the event. Please note that tables for this event are now SOLD OUT.

How To Talk To MPs – The Nuclear Sector Needs You

16:00 – 17:30
Thursday 29 February 2024
The Halston,

The General Election due this year will be a turning point for our industry:  do we press ahead with a new era of nuclear construction with a proper programme of projects across the UK, or do we repeat the mistakes of past decades?

We need whatever new Government and new MPs come out of this election to use the critical levers they control in financing, siting, planning and skills to get new nuclear projects going. And they will listen to you because you, our members, are employing the people, training the apprentices, creating the jobs that MPs and candidates to be MPs want to secure for their constituents.

We are running these sessions particularly for smaller and medium sized members to show you how to engage with Parliamentary candidates in any election year, so we can get them to believe in nuclear, and to commit to supporting nuclear when they make it to Parliament.

The sessions will be up to two hours long, with most of the time reserved for your questions and our answers about how best your companies can engage the people who will decide the future of the UK’s energy policy.

Interested? Please register HERE and we look forward to seeing you there!

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