Join Wray Castle and TÜV UK Ltd for this webinar when they'll introduce the concepts of Energy Security and Net Zero.

Topics include; Energy Market, Energy Production, Global Energy Factors, Energy Security & Net Zero Delivery Role and Government Policy.

ENERGY SECURITY & NET ZERO – What does this all really mean?

To help address the general skills shortage in this critical topic area, two leading expert organisations (TÜV UK Limited & Wray Castle) have formed an exciting partnership to offer expertise to the nuclear, related energy producing industries, and all other relevant sectors to contribute to the many challenges they face.

This powerful partnership brings together unrivalled expertise, global reach, specialist training development skills, an unrivalled consultancy network, products, services and much more.

The first offer from the partnership is a free Webinar on 10th October (details below), followed by a One-day ‘Introduction to UK Energy Security & Net Zero’ training programme (later this year) designed for senior managers and executives in any industry, government department, or corporate organisation looking to gain a solid understanding of the energy market and to become Energy Security and Net Zero literate. This is a must have programme for those who want or need to stay ahead of the game on what is one of the most important topics of our age.

This training programme forms part of a new series being developed by TÜV UK Ltd and Wray Castle that will explore the energy market, energy production methods and Net Zero in greater depth.
Further courses in this series will cover, for example:


  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
  • Nuclear Power Generation
  • Hydrogen Power Generation
  • Nuclear/Hydrogen Co- Generation
  • Future Energy Production

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