Karlstein am Main, 08.07.2024 - A significant milestone has been reached: NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH (NUKEM), a world-renowned company in the fields of radioactive and hazardous waste management and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, today announced the signing of a purchase agreement.

All shares in NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH, as well as valuable assets of its parent company NUKEM Technologies GmbH, have been acquired by the Tokyo-based company Muroosystems Corp. The agreement, signed on May 29th, 2024, signifies a pivotal moment in NUKEM’s journey.

The decision to sell NUKEM was already made in 2022 in view of the difficult geopolitical situation and the challenges involved in continuing the company under a Russian owner. Since then, intensive negotiations have been held with potential buyers who recognised the enormous potential of NUKEM, both in terms of its products and its highly qualified team.

The takeover by the Japanese investor marks a new beginning for NUKEM in turbulent times. The new owner gives NUKEM the opportunity to return to the markets that were no longer accessible due to the previous ownership structure. NUKEM’s expertise and many years of experience will continue to be in demand.

As part of the ongoing closing process, all necessary approvals for the transaction will be obtained and obligations to third parties will be diligently fulfilled.

“We are delighted to have found a partner in the new owner who not only wants to continue NUKEM’s established business, but also to expand it – both in terms of new markets and new technologies such as nuclear fusion,” said Thomas Seipolt, Managing Director of NUKEM. “We are confident that we can shape a successful future together and would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust.”

“The completion of this capital transaction is scheduled for mid-August this year, and Muroosystems Corp. is excited to embark on this new journey with NUKEM. We anticipate that the fusion of German and Japanese professionalism will create new synergies in the nuclear decommissioning and nuclear markets across Europe, Japan and other Asian countries.” announced Nobuaki Ninomiya, COO and Executive Director at Muroosystems.”

NUKEM is positive about the next steps and looks forward to successful cooperation with its new owner.

NUKEM Technologies in Karlstein am Main, Germany, is globally active in the fields of radioactive waste and spent fuel management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, engineering and consulting. For more than 60 years, NUKEM Technologies has been offering customised products, technologies and services in which innovation, solution expertise and excellent implementation are closely linked.

Muroosystems Corporation, established in 2006, is a Japanese IT company. It focuses on IT solutions centered around decentralized data centers and engages in power development projects primarily based on renewable energy.

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