The NIA organise a range of events, meetings and conferences, alongside its business groups. All provide ideal opportunities to network and access the latest industry information and future developments.

NIA Events

  • NIA Decommissioning and Existing Generation Group

    24 April — 25 April 2019

    The NIA Decommissioning and Existing Generation group meeting takes place on 25 April in Cambridge with a tour of TWI and a dinner on the 24 April.

  • NIA International group

    16 May 2019

    The next NIA International group meeting is kindly hosted by WSP in Central Manchester.

  • NIA Legal and Financial Affairs group

    23 May 2019

    The next Legal and Financial affairs business group meeting will take place on Thursday 23 May.

  • Nuclear New Build 2019

    11 June — 12 June 2019

    The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is proud to present Nuclear New Build 2019 (NNB2019), a conference and exhibition to be held over two days in June, showcasing the best of new build in the nuclear sector.

    Supported by NIA

    • COGER 2019

      24 April — 26 April 2019

      The 2019 Open Meeting of COGER will take place at the University of Bristol. The meeting will start at midday on Wednesday 24 April and finish on Friday 26 April 2019.

      Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

    • Improving Safety with Advanced Fracture Mechanics

      15 May 2019

      The Improving Safety with Advanced Fracture Mechanics seminar will address the challenges around the industry adoption of new testing methods, bridging the gap between academic innovation and industry application.

      Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

    • Fit for Purpose Safety Cases in the Nuclear Industry

      04 June 2019

      Attendees will learn all the fundamentals and gain an appreciation of the essential elements of achieving safety cases that are suitable and sufficient for their purpose of enabling safe facility management.

      Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

    • World Nuclear University Summer Institute 2019

      23 June — 27 July 2019

      The Summer Institute provides a global picture on all issues surrounding nuclear energy and to develop skills in leadership, communication, planning and organization

      Supported by Nia Supported by NIA

      Other Events

      • Nuclear Institute North West Branch Event Series 2019

        30 April 2019

        An introduction to ONR's revised External Hazards Technical Assessment Guide

      • Nuclear Institute North West Branch Annual Dinner

        16 May 2019

        The annual dinner is the branch’s flagship event, providing an opportunity for people and companies from across the industry to come together and enjoy a special evening.

      • NuFor – Nuclear Forensics

        10 July — 11 July 2019

        Nuclear Forensics is an essential component of the national nuclear security infrastructure which helps to address the threat of nuclear material found out of regulatory control.

      • International Nuclear Physics Conference

        29 July — 02 August 2019

        The 27th International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC 2019) will be held in Glasgow, UK, 29 July to 2 August, 2019. Held every three years, INPC is the biggest conference in the world for fundamental nuclear physics, and is overseen by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

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