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Press Release / 19th July 2024

First UK reactor design submitted for justification

Press Release / 16th July 2024

UK Power Imports Hit Record

Press Release / 4th June 2024

Miliband backs ‘new nuclear’ during visit to Hartlepool station – NIA reaction

Press Release / 31st May 2024

NIA welcomes Labour promise to back new nuclear projects

Press Release / 16th May 2024

NIA welcomes new national nuclear plan for skills

Press Release / 8th May 2024

NIA welcomes government investment in new advanced nuclear fuels facility

Press Release / 7th May 2024

Sizewell C nuclear site licence an ‘important’ step for UK clean power

Press Release / 29th April 2024

Nuclear industry calls on the G7 to establish clear plans for nuclear deployment

Press Release / 18th April 2024

Scotland’s green economy losing out on billions with no new nuclear projects

Press Release / 18th April 2024

Unparalleled economic benefits of Hinkley Point C shows need for Sizewell C

Press Release / 5th April 2024

First Ever Advanced Reactor Submitted for Justification in UK 

Press Release / 4th April 2024

NIA welcomes Government funding for X-energy and Cavendish Nuclear for first Advanced Modular Reactor Award

Press Release / 28th March 2024

Cost of balancing Britain’s power grid hits £7 billion mark

Press Release / 25th March 2024

NIA welcomes fresh funding to support 40,000 new nuclear jobs

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