6 September – In reaction to National Grid ESO’s request for a coal plant to be fired up to meet power demand, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association said,

“This underscores the urgency of investing in new nuclear capacity, to secure reliable, always-on, emissions-free power, alongside other zero-carbon sources. Otherwise, we will continue to burn coal as a fall-back and fall well short of our net zero ambitions.”


Notes to Editors

  • Hunterston B, Hinkley Point B, Heysham I and Hartlepool nuclear power stations are all scheduled to retire by the end of March 2024, representing more than 4 GW of nominal generating capacity. Hunterston and Hinkley Point B will be in defuelling by mid-2022.
  • Of the existing fleet, only the Pressurised Water Reactor at Sizewell B, with 1.2 GW of capacity, is scheduled to be operational after 2030.
  • The UK’s seven operational nuclear power stations have a combined land footprint of less than 1 square mile.
    Nuclear is the second most important source of clean power in the UK currently, after wind. The UK is currently importing record amounts of power from Europe to meet its power needs.

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