Sellafield Ltd is holding an engagement event to support the future procurement of the Category Management – SRP.

SRP 100 Year Can Products Overview

The SRP 100 Year Can Products consists of an inner can, an intermediate can and an outer can. A special package carrier (SPC) and a sphincter plug. Initial concept drawings are available and will be developed in collaboration with manufacturers utilising the New Product Introduction process which will be discussed at the event.

Purpose of the Engagement Event

The aim of the event is to engage the supply chain in supporting the strategy and long-term planning requirements for SRP 100 Year Can Products which are required for Sellafield Ltd.  The intention is to inform the Supply Chain of the forward strategy for SRP 100 Year Cans and to enable Sellafield Ltd to gain feedback in supporting the onward development of the future strategy utilising the New Product Introduction process.

The engagement event will be in the form of a presentation outlining the procurement details. Areas to be covered at the event include:

  • Commercial approach
  • Route to Market
  • Lotting – details to be shared on proposed materials being considered
  • Demand Profile
  • Scope
  • Technical Overview
  • Quality Approach

These are some of the areas, (but not all) for discussion. The general aim is to work with the supply chain and provide a procurement that will work for the market but also meet the critical success factors of the business.


Please attend the event promptly; the registration time is yours/our time to speak freely with all other supply chain representatives. Prior to the event a package will be uploaded into CTM consisting of information and a questionnaire, which is expected to be completed and handed to the team before leaving the facility.  There will be opportunity during the session for break out areas where discussions on specific elements can take place.

All information which is shared at the event will also be provided on Sellafield Ltd’s Contract Tender Management system (CTM).  Please follow the details on the PIN to enable you to register on SL’s CTM system for further information and to be included in updates. Once registered send an email from the system to indicate your interest and participation. Please note that spaces may be limited if the event is oversubscribed and as this is largely a technical discussion piece, we would suggest attendees have technical background.

An agenda will be provided on the day.

Please complete the below short survey ahead of the session