Following the recent UKAEA’s 8th Supplier’s Event (7th July 2022) and the launch of the Jet Decommissioning and Repurposing programme it is important that UKAEA provide a status overview and provide a tool to allow the potential supply base to register their interest in the programme as part of the initial market engagement process.

At this time, the Strategic Business Case (SBC) has been approved and we are in the ‘Concept’ phase moving towards Outline Business Case (OBC) submission in 2023.  This will identify and develop the preferred option including procurement strategy, potential opportunities for the market and the affordability of the programme. As this process moves forward the programme will define the initial stages of scope, scheduling and cost requirements.

The programme is initially scheduled to have a 12-year duration and will become one of the largest active decommissioning programmes in the UK and is a ‘first of kind’ in the Fusion Technology market.

To register initial supply base interest in the programme please refer to the link below, this will allow interested parties to provide contact details and provide an overview of potential services that may be of interest to the Jet Decommissioning and Repurposing Programme.

Register your interest here:

At this time, we are not engaging with ‘one-to-one’ supplier meetings, however as the requirements become more defined additional information and supplier events will be notified.

For any general enquires please contact [email protected]