Creating tomorrow’s nuclear leaders

The South West Nuclear Hub

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The South West Nuclear Hub is an alliance of Universities and industry pursuing world-leading research, innovation and teaching in support of nuclear energy for electricity and other high-value applications.

The complete range and number of skilled people needed to deliver the ambitious programme of potential advanced nuclear energy projects do not yet exist, including the need to create completely new knowledge and capability in areas as diverse as materials science and augmented reality.

There is also the issue of an ageing workforce in the nuclear industry, which is particularly acute among management roles and Subject Matter Experts, of which nearly 70% are due to retire by 2025.

To combat this, the South West Nuclear Hub at the University of Bristol provides an interdisciplinary MSc programme in Nuclear Science and Engineering which is highly research-focused and involves significant industry input. It is also a member of the Nuclear Energy Futures Centre for Doctoral Training.

The National College for Nuclear Southern Hub, based in Somerset, is a partnership between industry, national regulators, skills bodies and training providers, The College delivers a state-of-the-art nuclear training facility that produce rounded and capable young professionals who have the skills and behaviours needed to deliver the UK’s nuclear challenges.

These training centres are providing a growing pipeline of highly-skilled workers to the industry, from apprentices to Doctoral graduates, who will contribute to the UK’s net zero carbon goals and benefit from secure, well-paid jobs to support the economy.