A vacancy has arisen for the position of Vice Chair of the NIA Decommissioning & Existing Generation Group.

Anita Bogh, formally of Amentum stepped down as deputy chair of the group following her departure from the industry.

We will therefore be holding an election for Vice Chair to support the Chair, Connor Deehan from PA Consulting.

The election timetable will be as follows

  • Nominations open: Monday 1 August
  • Nominations close: Wednesday 17 August
  • Voting opens: Monday 22 August
  • Voting closes: Wednesday 31 August
  • Winner announced: Friday 2 September

Voting is restricted to NIA member companies and each company is permitted to vote a maximum of twice. Detailed voting instructions will be released in due course.

Anyone who works for an NIA member can put themselves forward for the role.  To nominate yourself for the Vice Chair role, please email a one page manifesto containing the following information to [email protected] by Monday 1 August.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Photo
  • Your background/ bio – distributed in candidate announment
  • What you would achieve in this role. – distributed in candidate announment.

If you have any questions about the role or process, please contact [email protected]

We would like to take this opportunity to again thanks Anita for her dedicated support to the Decommissioning & Existing Generation group.

Business Group overview
The NIA Decommissioning & Existing Generation Group has a number of activities:

  • Full business group meeting at least 2 – 3 times a year and attracts 100+ NIA members to each event. The event runs as a mini – conference for members to hear the latest updates about the industry as well as network.
  • As well as the meeting, each event tends to include a sponsored drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner the evening before the event.  Facility tours can be included.
  • At each meeting, the room and refreshments are sponsored by NIA members.

Tailored webinars, focused sessions, and adhoc activities to support the membership up to 3-4 times a year. These tend to have a smaller attendance and planned in response to membership needs.

Vice Chair Overview
The position is an excellent opportunity for both the individual and their company to build a reputation in the sector, to contribute and to make a difference to the NIA Business Group programme and membership.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the Chair and the NIA to develop the Business Group’s strategy, activities and vision.
  • Working with the Chair of the group, and the NIA secretariat to decide the location, theme, and agenda for the meetings.
  • Helping the Chair to facilitate the meeting on the day
  • Hosting, with the chair, the drinks reception and pay-your-own-way dinner
  • Working with the chair in supporting the NIA approach the potential speakers and sponsors,.
  • Opportunity to sit on the organising committee for the NIA summer event which is either Decom or New Build (alternates).


  • It is expected that the Vice Chair will have a good understanding of the UK’s Decommissioning programme and companies.
  • The Vice Chair will hold the position initially for up to three years (a second term can be agreed).
  • (Optional) Represent NIA at meetings with various stakeholders.

The time commitment is down to the individual Chair/Vice Chairs and will vary over the course of the year.  Therefore candidates must have flexible in their roles to have planning sessions, travel to meetings, and liaise with the NIA and the chair.  Other opportunities may arise which you will be invited to participate in should you wish to.

Note: the NIA does not cover expenses to attend meetings.