Women in Nuclear (WiN) UK has developed a programme to match talented women with organisations who would like to benefit from a FREE Non-Executive Director (NED).

About Women in Nuclear UK (WiN UK)

Women in Nuclear UK is part of a global and inclusive initiative to collaborate and work across the industry and beyond, engaging with government, schools, and the general public to increase awareness and improve the gender balance in our industry. We all have a part to play in the attraction and retention of women in our industry. WiN-UK was formed in 2014 and it was incorporated as a not-for-profit limited company in 2020. Its core objectives are to attract more women to choose a career in the nuclear sector; support retention and career progression of women in the industry and promote dialogue with the public about nuclear. To do this we are committed to improving the representation of women in leadership roles, engaging with industry, government, and the public on nuclear issues and supporting delivery against national gender targets. To achieve its strategic objectives, WiN-UK undertakes a range of national activities.

The WiN-NED programme is the latest initiative aimed at improving the representation of women in leadership roles.

What is a NED role in business?

The NED role is widely recognised and respected, enhancing board effectiveness, corporate behaviour and governance, and ultimately increasing business success.

Working alongside executive directors, NEDs bring a different perspective, valuable insights, and constructive challenge to the board room, providing an independent mindset, and a sounding board to drive strategic performance.

NED roles represent the fastest growing category for women in executive leadership roles, the programme will aim to build on this achievement.

About the WiN-NED programme

The programme has been designed and developed to support women to enter nuclear industry board positions. It presents an excellent free professional learning and career development opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and experience required to provide advice at Board level as an independent Non-Executive Director.

Programme summary

The programme will recruit its first ‘cohort’ of up to ten participants. Each participant will be assigned a mentor for the duration of the programme. At the same time the programme will seek to engage with nuclear sector companies that will provide NED positions to the cohort, to give a real practical experience of acting as a NED in industry.

The programme will seek to match participants with both mentors and companies. Please note that there will be an interview process as part of the matching process.

The NED role is an important senior position with responsibilities at the heart of a business, any issues around confidentiality and conflicts will be addressed.

The ongoing training is designed to deliver valuable knowledge and highlight key skills to help become an effective NED by providing:

Half day in person induction focused on core board competencies

  • Legal – board governance
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Strategy and board effectiveness
  • Finance and audit
    • Monthly on-going learning and development activities
    • Networking and feedback events
    • Mentor programme delivered by experienced leaders and NEDs
    • Inspirational talks from industry leaders and experts
    • Ongoing support over the programme duration
    • Opportunity for participants to build a professional network

Additional sessions can be introduced as requested. There are no programme examinations and participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

Participants will be expected to engage fully in the programme, keep a learning log of their experience and commit to assisting with the next programme cohort and / or offer to mentor other candidates.

Participant time commitment and employer support

We expect participants’ commitment to be the equivalent of 7-12 hours per month maximum, across 12 months. Because of this commitment and due to potential conflicts and confidentiality issues, it is important that employed participants have the full support and backing of their employer before engaging in the programme.


Guidelines for the mentor programme are being developed. If you wish to be considered as a programme mentor please contact: [email protected]

Participants can however request an existing mentor becomes their programme mentor.

Companies offering a NED position

Companies wishing to participate in the NED programme can do so by offering a NED position to a participant who has met the WiN UK selection criteria. This will require successful candidates on the programme to attend board meetings and evaluate board papers and information.

There is no charge to the participating companies for the NED’s services for the duration of one year (travel expenses may need to be considered).

The recipient’s company will have the right to perform a final evaluation of a NED candidate, in addition to the WiN UK recruitment process, to ensure essential requirements are met.

Please contact: [email protected] for further information