What if we could transport ourselves to the future and ask tomorrow’s workforce what their hopes, fears, motivations and preferences are?

The Next Generation Nuclear Industry Council (NGNIC) is the shadow board to the Nuclear Industry Council and is made up of a group of professionals from across the UK nuclear sector.

One of the areas of focus of the NGNIC is Future Workforce, specifically looking at how to contribute to the attraction, recruitment, development and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce to deliver on the objectives of the nuclear sector in the UK.

The NGNIC subgroup conducting these Future Workforce Consultations aimed to create highly credible reference data for organisations and individuals in the nuclear sector to help them drive positive change. Employee focus groups are often carried out internally within organisations, but seldom shared across the industry.

The participants of these consultations represent organisations across the sector and across the UK. We hope that our findings will be used to validate the right behaviours, change the wrong behaviours and justify increased investment in creating the best possible working environment.

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