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Nuclear industry welcomes falling wind farm power prices

20 September 2019

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) today welcomed the news that the expected cost of electricity from future windfarms is falling.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA said: “Early offshore wind farms are generating at around £150 per megawatt hour, but these latest figures show what is possible as a result of a sustained build programme.

“However, as the Committee on Climate Change and many others have said, to meet Net Zero we cannot rely on variable renewables alone, but a portfolio of technologies including nuclear power[1]. To decarbonise our power supply, as the renewables industry body has also acknowledged, we will need every low carbon tool in the box.

“Nuclear costs are also set to fall as a result of learnings and efficiencies that come with building a series of power stations, and with the implementation of a new funding model under discussion to reduce financing costs.

“On top of this, nuclear is a home grown source of firm power that helps stabilise the energy system and brings investment and prosperity to urban and rural regions of the UK, building on the 60,000 jobs the sector already employs.”


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