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Nuclear Industry Association responds to International Energy Agency report

28 May 2019

Commenting on the IEA’s latest report, the NIA said:

“The International Energy Agency has confirmed what many have been warning for years, that nuclear is the backbone of low-carbon electricity generation. Without it, we are likely to see a huge increase in CO2 emissions, and an increase in electricity bills for consumers.

“Nuclear currently provides around a fifth of electricity in the UK, and around half of the low-carbon electricity, however with all but one of our nuclear power plants due to come offline in the next decade, we are at a critical point for nuclear. While we back the IEA’s recommendation to authorise lifetime extensions of existing nuclear plants for as long as safely possible, the majority of the UK’s nuclear power plants have already undergone life extensions. That is why we need to urgently commit to new nuclear build now, or risk putting a halt to the great progress we have made on decarbonisation in the UK.”


The full report can be found on the IEA website.