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NIA Responds to Election Results

13 December 2019

Tom Greatrex, CEO of the Nuclear Industry Association said:

“The new Parliament, across parties, and the UK government has some crucial decisions to take to progress towards Net Zero and a decarbonised power supply. The UK’s civil nuclear industry will continue to work with politicians across the spectrum towards that ultimate goal.

There are critical energy policy decisions that must be taken now to deliver sustainable economic growth. This year the Committee on Climate Change said that, to reach the UK’s Net Zero emissions target by 2050, we need all low carbon technology – both renewables, with variable output, and the firm power from nuclear – to play their part.

“For the government’s part, they should start with a clear commitment to a new fleet of nuclear power plants in the planned energy white paper, due early in 2020. It also means changes to the financing structure for new projects, through the Regulated Asset Base model currently under consultation which can bring costs down, attract investors, and unlock the vast beneficial economic and environmental potential of the nuclear industry.”

Notes to editors

From the NIA Activity Report: Nuclear provides 20% of the UK’s energy currently—powering 1 in 5 of our homes, hospitals and schools. Nuclear is also an economic engine—bringing investment and prosperity to urban and rural regions right across the UK.  Ongoing commitment to nuclear power will allow is the country to build on the c155,000 high quality jobs1, directly and indirectly, created by the sector.

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