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NIA Responds to the CCC’s Consultation on the Sixth Carbon Budget

05 February 2020


The Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) last progress report to Parliament states that climate targets are not enough, and that the policy gap must be met and decarbonisation projects delivered as a matter of urgency.

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, and power a boom in electric vehicles and heating, the UK will need to quadruple its production of clean power.

Currently nuclear provides 20% of all the UK’s electricity—and around half the zero emissions power produced domestically—but all but one of the country’s existing fleet will close over the next decade.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association says, “To achieve net zero by 2050, nuclear will need to be an integral part of the future generation mix. As reputable independent analysis demonstrates, low carbon nuclear energy can play a vital role alongside the variable output of wind and solar in meeting the increased clean electricity demand required for net zero. As such, this should be explicitly and clearly recognised by the CCC and the UK government.

“To make progress, we need to replace our retiring fleet, and then do more. The time is now to invest in proven technology—and it is imperative that the necessary financial frameworks are put in place urgently to enable the further development of new nuclear power stations at an acceptable cost to the consumer, and in a way that will attract investors.

“We have an opportunity as hosts of COP26, to set an example and this has to start with a clear and credible plan of action for the UK. These sentiments should be translated into recommending the level of the sixth carbon budget to help transition the UK into a net zero economy.”

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