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NIA reaction to EDF and NDA decommissioning deal

23 June 2021

Reacting to the news that EDF and the UK Government have agreed arrangements to deliver the decommissioning of Britain’s seven Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGR) stations, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association said:

“The AGR stations have been the most productive low-carbon assets in British history, saving 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, far more than any other electricity source. The NDA will bring world-class expertise in decommissioning to these stations once defuelling is complete, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

“In the meantime, our priority must be to maximise safe, reliable generation from the existing fleet, which is essential to our climate goals, and to invest urgently in new capacity to replace the firm, emissions-free power that only nuclear can provide.”


Notes to Editors 

  • Nuclear is the second most important source of clean power in the UK currently, after wind.
  • Nuclear power has saved the UK more than 2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, the equivalent of all UK emissions from 2015 through 2020.
  • The UK’s seven nuclear power stations have a combined land footprint of less than 1 square mile.