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NIA comments on Hinkley Point C reaching key milestone

28 June 2019

Responding to the news that Hinkley Point C has reached key milestone J-Zero on schedule, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“It’s great to see Hinkley Point C on schedule, meeting this significant milestone towards generating clean, reliable and always-available power as an integral part of the UK’s transition to low carbon power.

“While Hinkley will generate power for the equivalent of 7% of homes, one new nuclear power station will not be enough to meet the Government’s net zero target and address climate change with the required urgency.

“With all but one of our current fleet, which generates 20% of our electricity, due to retire by 2030, we need that new capacity for clean, secure and reliable power. As Hinkley Point C is demonstrating, new nuclear plants create thousands of jobs both in construction and operation, provide security of supply and stimulate clean growth across the country, benefitting us all.”