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New industry figures show nuclear supports 63,816 jobs up and down the country

04 October 2018

  • Two in five (41%) nuclear jobs are based in North West England
  • A quarter of NIA member companies class themselves as SMEs
  • The nuclear industry employs around 2,000 apprentices in the UK

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) has today published its latest Nuclear Jobs Map. The map shows the distribution of over 60,000 nuclear jobs in regions across the UK, highlighting the important economic role the industry plays in all parts of the UK.

The Jobs Map shows the majority of nuclear jobs are situated in the North West, with 41% based in the region. The 2018 data has shown an increase of 54% in nuclear jobs in South West England on 2017 data, with one in five (20%) of nuclear jobs now based in the region. The Jobs Map also shows an increase of 16% of nuclear jobs based in Yorkshire and the Humber. In addition, nuclear supports around 1,400 jobs in Wales and almost 4,000 jobs in Scotland. The data shows one in seven (13%) of nuclear jobs are based in the South East and London, with 10% in the South East and 3% in London respectively.

The Jobs Map reveals that women currently make up 19% of the nuclear workforce. Since 2015, the number of women working in nuclear has increased by 12%, and as detailed in the Nuclear Sector Deal, attracting even more women into the sector will be a key focus for the sector to meet the target of a 40% female workforce by 2030.

The industry is committed to encouraging talent into the sector, which is why the industry is currently training around 2,000 apprenticeships across the nuclear industry. Furthermore, there are currently over 900 graduates currently employed in the sector.

Commenting on the 2018 Jobs Map, Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The nuclear sector has long been a major employer in the UK, providing life-long, highly skilled, quality jobs, in areas where they are often hard to come by. Our 2018 Jobs Map has demonstrated the true value nuclear brings to many communities across the country, and the UK, beyond providing sustainable, low carbon electricity.

“It’s important the economic potential of future new build projects planned for across the country is not underestimated and continuing to encourage talent into the sector to meet our current and future needs is vital.”

Business and Industry Minister, Richard Harrington said:

“This shows how our world-leading nuclear sector is creating, high quality jobs across the country and we want the sector to go from strength to strength.

“That’s why we launched our landmark Nuclear Sector Deal to help grow the industry and deliver opportunities for people throughout the UK, including increasing the number of women in the sector to 40% by 2030.”



Notes to Editors

  • The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is the trade association and representative voice of Britain’s civil nuclear industry. It represents more than 260 companies including nuclear power station operators, new build developers and vendors, those engaged in decommissioning, waste management, all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, supply chain and consultancy companies. Find out more at or @niauk.
  • The nuclear industry generates a fifth of all electricity used in the UK, directly employs over 63,000 professionals and has the support of 74% of the public. In 2016 its activities directly contributed £6.4 billion to UK GDP. The power generated by existing power stations avoids the emissions of 22.7 million tonnes of CO₂ a year – the equivalent of taking around a third of Britain’s cars off the roads. Read the Nuclear Activity Report.

  • The 2018 Nuclear Industry Jobs Map is available to view on the NIA website.