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Hinkley Point B retirement underscores urgency of new nuclear capacity

20 November 2020

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Today, EDF have announced that Hinkley Point B nuclear power station will move into decommissioning by July 2022.

In response, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“Today’s news is a reminder of the urgency of investing in new nuclear capacity to hit net zero. Hinkley Point B has produced more clean electricity and saved more emissions, 105 million tonnes, than any other single power station in British history. It can only be replaced by new nuclear stations that produce the same reliable, always-on, emissions-free power that Hinkley has provided for more than forty years.

“The nuclear projects already in the pipeline can deliver this backbone of clean power and will generate tens of thousands of secure, skilled and well-paid jobs across the country. We hope that the Government will support its announcements on large and small-scale reactors this week by setting out a clear path to progress new nuclear capacity in the forthcoming Energy White Paper.”