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APPG for Nuclear Energy welcomes the Nuclear Sector Deal

05 July 2018

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Nuclear Energy has welcomed the Nuclear Sector Deal agreed between the UK government and the civil nuclear sector.

Nuclear power has remained a constant source of safe, reliable, low-carbon energy within the UK energy mix for over 50 years, and in 2016 provided £6.4 billion GVA to the economy. Employing over 65, 000 workers it is an intrinsic sector both socially and economically and this deal ensures the industry can continue to grow and flourish.

The deal itself provides extra funding to innovation and R&D, support for cost reduction across new build and decommissioning, enhancing export potential, improving access to skilled workers and much more.

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, Co-Chair of the APPG for Nuclear Energy said:

“Nuclear power has provided vital investment and jobs in my constituency and surrounding areas for many years, and with the construction of Hinkley Point C well underway, this is only set to grow.

“It is therefore, a pleasure to be able to welcome the Nuclear Sector Deal, which goes towards supporting the industry’s work towards reducing costs in nuclear new build, whilst providing much needed support for skills.

“This deal will ensure the nuclear industry will continue to flourish and that the UK can continue to benefit from secure, reliable low carbon energy in the years ahead.”

Sue Hayman MP, Co-Chair of the APPG for Nuclear Energy added:

“As a proud MP for Cumbria, which houses one of the most complex decommissioning sites in Europe, I was pleased to see decommissioning and waste management play a key role in the Nuclear Sector Deal.

“Supporting local sites such as LLRW Repository and Sellafield in providing vital jobs to many in the surrounding constituencies, whilst also funding skills development and training opportunities across the sector, is a necessary part for any government’s Industrial Strategy.

“I welcome the Sector Deal and its aim to help deliver decommissioning projects in a cost-effective manner, whilst also ensuring the industry continues to grow and contribute to the UK economy.”


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