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UK pavilion at World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2020

09 July 2019

Taking place in France, the largest producer of nuclear power in Europe, WNE is supported fully by the French nuclear industry including major developers and contractors such as EDF, Framatome and Orano. With the French sector playing a leading role in the UK nuclear new build programme at Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C, WNE presents a chance to meet and network with companies involved on these projects, whilst also offering the opportunity to discover activities in the French nuclear sector and how the UK’s extensive supply chain can assist with developments in the country.

The French industry will soon shift towards decommissioning with plans to close 14 nuclear reactors in the country by 2035, and the UK is in a prime position to meet the demands of these opportunities with substantial capability and experience across the decommissioning sector. WNE offers the chance to engage with global nuclear supply chains and forge new partnerships to get involved in upcoming programmes of work in the UK, France and around the world.

EIC, NIA and DIT is delighted to once again be arranging a UK pavilion at WNE in Paris and are inviting members to join them.

For further details on this please view the application pack and floor plan

UK Pavilion Application pack WNE 2020
WNE 2020 Floor Plan 5.07.19

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