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NUVIA awarded the Advanced Transition Works contract by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)

15 September 2020

NUVIA awarded the Advanced Transition Works contract by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)
NUVIA is delighted to become the first Company to be awarded a project on DSRL’s £400M Decommissioning Services Framework (DSF) Agreement contract.

NUVIA, along with our framework partner, GRAHAM Construction, will begin the preliminary works required to prepare the Dounreay Shaft for its emptying of legacy wastes and eventual decommissioning. Known as the Advanced Transition Works (ATW), this project is a vital step in the overall Shaft & Silo programme as it will enable future construction and waste retrieval operations to go ahead.

Following a complex, competitive tendering process, NUVIA was awarded the £7.5M contract. NUVIA’s Dounreay Business Manager, David Craig, said “ It’s a challenging project. Many interfaces need to be managed, services maintained, and the environment controlled throughout the delivery of the project. It has taken time to ensure everything has been done correctly and that everyone concerned is happy with the final solution to a project so critical to future decommissioning operations on site. ”

The work will include the rerouting of existing services as well as minor construction and demolition works, preparing the two waste facilities to be emptied of legacy higher activity waste.

NUVIA’s project manager, Paul Stewart, who will oversee the safe and timely execution of this potentially hazardous work said, “This inaugural contract on the Decommissioning Services Framework is a great win for NUVIA, and I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in making this happen, not just within NUVIA but also Graham Construction and DSRL too. It has been a concerted team effort to get this multi-faceted project to this stage, and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop this team ethos as we get the works underway.”

Caption: “The 65 metre deep shaft where advanced transition works will begin – Copyright DSRL (NDA)”