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Nuclear Science as Social Practice lecture series available

29 March 2021

The Beam invites you to visit a short series of mini-lectures exploring ‘Nuclear Science and Engineering as Social Practice’, hosted by the University of Manchester’s Dalton Institute and School of Social Sciences.

The mini-lectures are meant as tasters for a full-fledged postgraduate module that we plan to teach in Manchester in the spring semester of 2021-22.

The focus in both the tasters and the module is on historical, cultural, social, moral, political, regulatory and socioeconomic frameworks in which science and technology are produced. We explore how nuclear science, engineering, and practices are entangled with communities, geographies, and geologies, and how such entanglements affect and generate society.

Working from an interdisciplinary perspective, we hope to engage readers and students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including engineering, the nuclear and social sciences, and the humanities.e

The first two mini-lectures are now available to view:

Mini-lecture 1: Bodies in time: measuring and categorising in environmental clean-up

Mini-lecture 2: Nuclear publics

A third and final mini-lecture will be available w/c 12 April 2021.