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Fusion roadmap opportunities to be discussed at NIA webinar

15 February 2021

Assystem’s Chief Sales Officer, Matt Gallimore, will chair his first webinar of the Nuclear Industry association’s (NIA) fusion group, on Monday 22 February.

The webinar will be hosted in collaboration with the Northern Nuclear Alliance (NNA), of which Matt is on the steering group, and is open to members of both organisations.

Representatives from ITER, Tokamak Energy and UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) will be in attendance, and discussion topics include the fusion roadmap, updates on JET and STEP, leading to the opportunities available for the nuclear supply chain, as fusion continues the journey to commercial electricity.

Matt Gallimore said:

“Those in attendance know all about fusion, what I want this webinar to do is highlight the opportunities the fusion sector offers and how companies can go about finding opportunities that benefit their capabilities and offer.

The inclusion of ITER helps give this an international flavour to compliment what is also going on in the UK. NIA members will be keen to see the fusion roadmap and where this clean-power technology of tomorrow is heading.”

The UK’s ambition to develop commercial fusion power by 2040 has placed significant focus on the reality of fusion energy.  The UKAEA’s experiments, including the UK based JET, the world’s biggest fusion project, present opportunities for the nuclear supply chain, with the NIA fusion group an invaluable link between this emerging industry and NIA member businesses that have the skills and capabilities to bring to, and benefit, these research programmes.

With many years of experience in the fusion industry, Assystem supports the Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) on the development of the China Fusion Energy Test Reactor (CFETR) and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), with their experiments.

Assystem also leads on the delivery of the Divertor Remote Handling System (DRHS) for ITER and is a leading member of ITER’s Engage and Momentum consortia.