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The French nuclear sector’s operators, suppliers and associations establish the French Nuclear Energy Industry Group (GIFEN)

23 July 2018

At a constituent meeting on 14 June 2018, national nuclear industry associations – AIFEN (Association of French Nuclear Export Industries), GIIN (Inter-trade-union Association of Nuclear Industry Suppliers), PFME (Electricity France-World Partnership), FAIF (French Atomic Industrial Forum) –, 24 major suppliers, and prime instructing parties – EDF, ORANO, Framatome, CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission), ANDRA (National Radioactive Waste Management Agency) – established the French Nuclear Energy Industry Group (GIFEN).

The Group will act as the mouthpiece for the French nuclear industry, which is composed of 2,600 companies and counts 220,000 jobs, and will represent the common interests of its members, both in France and abroad. Its mission will be to represent all the sector’s manufacturers in their dealings with government authorities and administrations, and in their dealings with organisations addressing issues relating to the nuclear industry in France, in Europe and beyond (including decommissioning activities). It will carry out cross-cutting projects to support the industry, in particular to promote the development of its members’ activities in France and overseas (exhibitions, trade shows, etc.).

GIFEN will therefore be a key driver in the industry’s transformation, which is already well underway, and will foster the objective of excellence sought by all. GIFEN can look forward to several major projects in the areas of competencies and training, nuclear safety, innovation and R&D, digital transformation, strategy and economic development, notably at regional level.
Within GIFEN, a Group of Operator Suppliers (or GIFE) will allow these companies to pursue long-established relations with other foreign prime instructing parties. GIFE will also provide these suppliers with a forum for exchanges on topics that are of particular relevance to them.

The GIFEN Board will comprise 18 members (9 representing prime instructing parties and 9 representing suppliers). This parity in member numbers is proof of the commitment of all to the future of the entire nuclear industry. To this end, GIFEN will be a key point of contact for the new Nuclear Industry Strategy Council set up the government during the restructuring of the National Industry Council.