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CRA and Cyber Q Group partner to provide Innovative Information Security Risk Management Service

15 January 2019

Corporate Risk Associates Limited (CRA) today announced it has signed a strategic partnership with CyberQ Group, an award-winning UK-based cybersecurity innovator with offices in Europe and Asia. The partnership will accelerate adoption of CRA’s innovative Risk Operations Centre (technology and services) focused on Information Security Risk Management across these geographies.

Security and Risk services providers serve a critical role in helping companies address the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape, via implementation of increased resilience to their organisations. CRA and CyberQ Group apply their expertise for their customers to ensure proportionate and cost-effective risk mitigation measures are taken when determining key information security decisions around: investments, mergers, innovation and major change.

Customers can have confidence that the integration of CRA’s leading Risk Operations Centre solution with CyberQ Group’s Security Operations Centre dramatically strengthens their security posture:

A trusted advisor: CyberQ Group’s services integration with this leading risk-based solution helps clients select the right mix of IT security solutions, services and products, to mitigate and improve overall business resilience and operate more successfully in an increasingly complex connected world.
A leading solution: CyberQ Group’s clients will now have access to CRA’s leading Risk Operations Centre, from an organisation that is a recognised award winner, innovator and thought leader in risk management solutions.
Focused on what matters: CyberQ Group’s clients will be able to focus on threats that really matter. With ready access to CRA’s real-time risk dashboards designed to meet customers’ needs across the organisation, using automation and risk analysis expertise.

Jasbir Sidhu, founder and CEO of CRA, said: “Cybersecurity is a global issue hitting our headlines weekly, exposing the vulnerability of large well-resourced organisations and their lack of resilience to an increasingly challenging data driven economy. The CRA Risk Operations Centre (ROC) solution is designed to address the very complexity created by the strength and depth of data dependent systems across an organisation’s infrastructure, in an already complex risk environment where people, process, systems and technologies combine to create multiple and blended cyber security threat vectors. CRA’s ROC simplifies this and focuses on the most important areas of Information Security Risk. We are excited to partner with CyberQ Group and leverage their experience and expertise to open new markets.”

Chris Woods, founder and CEO of CyberQ Group, said: “As an international award-winning Cyber Innovator, we have many clients with sophisticated requirements. We are always looking for revolutionary security solutions to enhance our existing Advanced Security Operation Centre and our partnership with CRA further enables that goal. Our customers will now have access to CRA’s leading Risk Operations Centre solution in order to manage, mitigate and improve their organisation’s resilience posture and simplify the complexity of Information Security Risk.”

To find out more about this collaboration, please contact CRA consultant John MacKnight, T +44 (0)203 813 1900, E